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Hego dances with Miss Giffo


Celebration time

Myself with the GIFFO


Cano and family

Future generations


Paddy ( The Gaffer )

The Haigney Girls


Newman And Sons LTD

Drenched with Shampers!!


The Girls celebrate Victory

Champione (check out the chick up top lookin out the window....)


Mr Haigney and Mr Stapleton

Winters and Soupy


Hego(Captain Fantastic) and Fitzy

Mark and Dave


Large, Medium and Small

Tribute to the Hoops


Dirty Byrnes hosts the Giffo

Taking good care of Giffo


Miss Giffo

Claire and A Perfect Pint



Thirsty Giffo  

Enjoying Victory

The Lads


Dirty Byrne's Bar

All the Cheerleaders together


Look at me... Look at me... GREAT

In the Hound


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